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Love in London Series


Running from heartbreak, Elizabeth Morgan has left her small town for the big city lights of London. Although she is open to love, she wants to be sure the man she finally sleeps with is the One. She envisions a perfect union-just like her parents.

Then she goes to work for Theo Steele and her life is turned upon its head. Theo is an arrogant American, bursting to take the London market by storm. He plays by the rules… his rules. Until he finds himself toe to toe with a beautiful blonde. All he knows is that he wants her… now.

Join Beth and Theo as they navigate the treacherous journey of love in Wanted, the first book of the Love in London Series. This is a complete novella with no cliffhangers.

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Amber Preston was stupid. Totally. Incredibly. Unbelievably stupid. She thought Nico Moretti cared for her when he took her to his bed, but she was just another notch on his post.

The millionaire playboy from Italy had dozens of those notches – she had known that already. After her, there’d be dozens more. One right after the other. She wants to tell him to go screw himself. She wants to forget him. She wants to lick her wounds and move on. There is only one little problem… Nico Moretti isn’t only unforgettable, he is one of her company’s biggest clients.

Yes. Stupid.

Join Amber and Nico as they navigate the heartbreaking journey of love in Cherished, the second book of the Love in London Series. This is a complete novella with no cliffhangers, however, characters weave into and out of each other’s stories. You might enjoy reading Wanted, Book 1, first.

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When you’ve been in love with someone your entire life, is it true love or just a fairy tale? Mia Moretti simply doesn’t know anymore. She just knows she must get over her infatuation with Gino Rossi and move on with her life.

Then he shows up… again. And her world is turned upside down… again. Only this time, he has news that shatters her to the core.

The little girl’s dream turns into an adult woman’s nightmare. All traces of the fantasy she held of being with Gino vanishes into thin air.

Or does it?

Something isn’t quite right here. She feels it. She knows it deep in her soul. But what is it?

For the sake of Gino. For the sake of her own happiness, she’s determined to find out.

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Hi! I live just outside London, UK. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a bookworm – sometimes hiding from my siblings in my younger days, just so that I could devour another chapter in peace!

I am happily married, with two young kids. When I’m not being mum, you can find me tapping away on my laptop or with my Kindle in hand – for research purposes, of course. 😉

I love reading romance books – there’s nothing like your characters ultimately getting their happily-ever-after, once they have weathered through their trials and tribulations. Life can be tough and it’s great to escape into a land of make-believe, every now and then.

I cherish my family who are all incredibly supportive of my writing; I can only hope that I live up to their expectations!


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So damn excited….

Oh my Goodness….that emotion when you get your first book back from your super-nice editor who says she “loves my book”.  And breathe.  A huge compliment considering she edits for authors who make the New York Times Bestseller Lists!!  What a relief, seriously, it’s my first foray into writing and I’m pleased that it has been received well (so far, anyway, lol).  Now I really can’t wait to share and publish my first trilogy. The stories are based in London, UK, where my heroines live, but my heroes are international.  Just to spice things up a bit 😉  The first book in my Love in London Series, is called Wanted, which will then be followed by book 2,Cherished. They are standalone books but the characters are followed through so you get a chance to dip back into their lives to see how they’re doing. Release date for Wanted and Cherished is the first week of June, followed by book 3, Desired, at the end of June. Roll on 2 weeks...

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